A broad range of topics on this week’s show. Chris Draper sits in for Stu to discuss the departures of Nathan Young-Coombes and Ayoub Assal (with a look at the comms regarding the latter’s recent absence); the ethics of accepting Qatari cash; the 0-0 draw with Bradford; whether some football songs should be retired; the sale of tickets to Leyton Orient away; our new signings; The Apprentice; and the forthcoming trip to Newport. A fun show, so check it out! YES WE KNOW EPISODE 308 NOT 307.

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  1. Harry harris
    20 January, 2023 / 11:25 PM

    Wait, so if you sing the champagne song people are wrong to be offended because the words aren’t supposed to be taken literally, but if I comment ‘fck the police’ when replying to your post advocating appeasement of Milton Keynes the words must be taken literally and I get a lifetime ban from the group. Is thiis evidence the police force is now institutionally hypocritical too?

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