Nick and Stu discuss the comings and goings during the last throes of the transfer window, and the battling win over Stockport. They also look at the trip to Leyton Orient, and ask some pertinent questions about matchday routines … oh, and Stu has his most successful Jackson Five ever~!

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  1. Bob
    3 February, 2023 / 8:19 PM

    Dear 9 year podcast I have just watched your show from after the Stockport county game today Friday 3rd January 2023 and when that little man iver heller came up to the silver lounge to do the man of the match

    You could not hear you guys very well and my device was max volume and you could hear you guys before that little man iver came in to do man of the match ever you need to turn your sound up when he comes to do his man of the match or he needs to turn his volume down this just rewind your show and what makes it worse is it half way threw your show

    Please can you sort it out for the next show please many thanks

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