It’s the word on everyone’s lips (after ‘Alexa’ and ‘Bliss’). Are our problems down to the size or the use of our budget? We investigate if we should be complaining about our league position, or accepting that it’s all that we can afford – and if it is all we can afford, should we not be looking to spend it a little better? There’s also some other stuff as we show that we really do find a lot of joy in podcasting …

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Back in early September, the 9yrspodcast ran an article about past performance perhaps being an indicator of future performance. Well, another two months on, 11 more games down, how are we doing against ‘expected results’ – and should we be worried?

The final game for this update was the 1-0 defeat away at Charlton – a game we were expected to win, according to the analysis – so it was a particularly bitter pill to swallow, as they are our nearest rivals. As my daughter and her boyfriend made a rare away match, I await their match report.

But for all the analysis that can be done on these last 11 games, and the five before, nothing gives a flavour on how we played, our luck or lack of lack, or the formation and players; it just coldly analyses the result as three points, one point, or none at all.

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In the absence of comments from our own boss, Stu selects some of his favourite managerial interviews of all time. Featuring Ian Holloway, Jurgen Klopp, and Gordon Strachan, it really is an example of what happens to the show when we have yet another boring game and nothing new from Neal Ardley for us to dissect. But we do at least have a WIN to talk about this week, and a clean sheet, and lots of other things, including but not limited to, everyone’s favourite WWE superstar, Alexa Bliss.

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We’re trying to be positive on this week’s show, so we’re going to look back at some happy memories from our decade back in the world’s most famous domestic cup competition. Yes, with the FA Cup First Round on the horizon, we’re revisiting tales from Scunthorpe, Millwall, and … er … Milton Keynes. But they’re good memories we promise. And then, on the other side of that, we do have to talk about current first team affairs. We suck – but are our fans somewhat to blame for that?

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Back in the old routine: no goals, no excitement, no reasons for cheer. So, this week, with fan opinion growing regarding the future of one Mr Neal Ardley, we’ve decided to put him on trial this week and determine whether or not he is being fairly chastised by some of our supporters. Stu was going to prosecute and Nick defend, but we flipped roles back and forth as we deemed fit, and ended up with a template for our justice system that should never be replicated.

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