Live interviews with all eight candidates for The Dons Trust Board will be on YouTube from 10.25am tomorrow. The full schedule is as follows:

  • 10.25 – Introduction
  • 10.30 – Tim Hillyer
  • 11.00 – Mark Sturges
  • 11.30 – Jane Lonsdale
  • 12.00 – Dennis Lowndes
  • 14.00 – Edward Leek
  • 14.30 – Mark Davis
  • 15.00 – Anne Williams
  • 15.30 – Graham Stacey

The link for the live interviews will appear here at roughly 10.20am and 1.55pm tomorrow.


It’s been a busy week. It always is with this club though, isn’t it? A win, a defeat, a managerial departure, a managerial appointment, and a host of questions to be asked regarding the attitude of the players. There’s rarely a shortage of things to talk about the podcast – yet we still manage to add in huge slices of stuff and nonsense.

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