Live interviews with all eight candidates for The Dons Trust Board will be on YouTube from 10.25am tomorrow. The full schedule is as follows:

  • 10.25 – Introduction
  • 10.30 – Tim Hillyer
  • 11.00 – Mark Sturges
  • 11.30 – Jane Lonsdale
  • 12.00 – Dennis Lowndes
  • 14.00 – Edward Leek
  • 14.30 – Mark Davis
  • 15.00 – Anne Williams
  • 15.30 – Graham Stacey

The link for the live interviews will appear here at roughly 10.20am and 1.55pm tomorrow.


It’s been a busy week. It always is with this club though, isn’t it? A win, a defeat, a managerial departure, a managerial appointment, and a host of questions to be asked regarding the attitude of the players. There’s rarely a shortage of things to talk about the podcast – yet we still manage to add in huge slices of stuff and nonsense.

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Hurrah! A win! Well, depending on your point of view, two wins. But we’ll take one for now. At long last. We’re feeling positive!! Plus we have good news from the Seedrs crowdfunding. And The Circle is awesome. But then there’s the cloud of the Wally situation that we have to discuss too. Still though, nice to be nice for once. And Stu makes arguably the best joke we’ve ever had on the show.

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So this was going to be your bog standard dissection of a Wimbledon defeat, and then news broke on Wednesday afternoon, and we had something else a bit poo to talk about. Just be thankful news broke Wednesday and therefore meant we could cover the story on this week’s show. And by story, we are of course talking about Emelle being blocked on The Circle. Gutted.

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