So, it wasn’t meant to be like this, was it? How does our predictive, history-led analysis stack up against reality? And given our current predicament, is there any hope left for the season?

Co-incidence is a strange animal. It creeps up on you when you least expect it; but expect it you should because it’s really history (in the game). Think, really… first game in the New Year is Fleetwood and who’s still in the Cup? Yep, a nailed on certainty (why didn’t I hit the bookies then?)

Likewise , in our last analysis, it was just after we played Plymouth away so it is that this analysis follows Plymouth at home. So more than half the season gone, Neal Ardley’s gone, Neil Cox is gone and the club feels ripe for change and perhaps change is both a-coming and required. We’ll see.

And change on the pitch has very much been what we have needed. With first Simon B/Stephen Reid in charge, a touch of stability ensued and gradually things are appearing to get better. But how does this relate to our table of predictive results?

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The win at Fleetwood was fun, wasn’t it? And there is definitely a feel-good factor around the place right now. Makes a change, huh? Whatever we’re doing differently, it seems to be working, and this week we are trying to determine what exactly has changed to suddenly make us scoring goals, winning games, and generally feeling better about ourselves.

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The podcast is back for 2019 – YAY! And despite the team starting the year with defeat at Portsmouth and remaining bottom of League One, we are generally very positive about our prospects following a good return over the festive period. And considering we haven’t spoken since before Christmas, it only seems right to spend the show this week discussing our improving form under the tutelage of Wally Downes.

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With no radio show or podcast this week, we thought you might be interested (it’s a big “might”, we realise) in hearing what our very own Nick Draper had to say about the 0-0 draw with Blackpool on Saturday. So please find below the audio from Nick’s chat with James Sherwood and Paul Mortimer on Love Sport’s Saturday afternoon show, The Score. Remember, the 9yrspodcast returns on Thursday 3 January 2019. Happy New Year!


So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over; and our season’s not been fun. The whole year, in fact, has been pretty miserable. How does a club that has been so successful over 16 years and continues to punch so far above its weight, get to the point that everything feels so low? A point to ponder another time, we feel, as this week is all about celebrating the highlights … highlight? … of 2018.

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