Gonna keep this brief this week: we lost twice, we conceded seven goals, it’s all a bit rubbish … what’s going on?! Nick and Stu get straight to it on this week’s show to discuss where and why there seems to be so many problems at the club, and why, despite our support for him, many of our fans are so readily willing to twist the knife into Neal Ardley.

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So, since the last review at the beginning of November, is our ‘indicator’ – based on past history panning out – predicting our future survival in League 1? Another three months gone, 15 more games down, and it’s time we look at what occurred and what is in store at the ‘business end of the season’.

The loss against Northampton should really not have come as a surprise to anyone as, along with Oxford over the years, they have been one of our bogey teams. This was a banker home loss on the indicator as we have only had three decent results against them ever since we reformed – two draws and a win.

But looking back over the last three months, the surprises on the pitch have definitely correlated to be the surprises we find in the table of expected and actual results. Overall, we have performed pretty much as expected: over this period, we were expected to get 10 points – and that is exactly what we got.

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