Because we’re very very nice people here on the podcast, and whilst some of us have nothing better to do, nor are enjoying the sweltering temperatures – *cough* – of Tenerife and Barcelona, we have produced a not-too-shabby 2017-18 AFC Wimbledon League One fixture list that can sit on the lock screen of your iPhone. Tell all your friends, co-workers, gardeners, dogs, and parole officers all about it~! To download, simply click the link to your right, and save to your phone~!




  1. JamPot
    25 June, 2017 / 4:52 PM

    Discrimination again against Android and other users.

    Honest … the sun does not shine out of Apple’s arse!

    P.S. When date you planning back podcasting please

    • Nick
      25 June, 2017 / 7:17 PM

      Hi JP. The wallpaper should work for other devices too! If not, let us know what you are using and we shall create one for you – no probs at all.

      As it stands, we expect to be back on Thursday 20 July.

      • JAMPOT
        27 June, 2017 / 12:47 PM

        Thanks. Good to hear. Was very much in jest was the comment but it is quite valid – go into any shop and bar an item for the most recent Galaxy model on Android you struggle to find anything that’s not Apple!

        Its in my diary… almost 2 weeks to consider NA’s meet the manager musings in light of the first pre-season friendlies¬

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