For those of amongst the roughly 2,500 people that attended AFC Wimbledon’s first-ever competitive fixture, it will be quite scary to think how that day was just 15 years ago. On the anniversary of that landmark occasion, we recall some of our memories of that day, from early pub openings to bales of hay, ice-cream vans, yellow and blue kits, and – oh yeah – winning a game of football. It certainly puts home defeats in League One into perspective, but sometimes you just have to go with the sponge.

Logistics mean Chris Draper steps in for Stu this week, but the podcast flows as well as it always does. Hmmmmm. We begin with our review of the Shrewsbury defeat (02:35) and all the weekend’s League One action (19:16), before moving on to the Sandhurst game (25:29). Abdou Are You? and a quick-fire quiz follow (41:08), then we round-up the show by casting an expert eye over the coming weekend’s games (47:05).


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