Well, we guess it was inevitable. After months of struggle, and with him looking increasingly stressed and unhappy, Neal Ardley has left the club. It’s sad times, but we must recognise what a great job he has done for us, on and off the pitch, and that’s what we do this week, with the help of special guest Jake Reeves. There’s a lot to discuss about the past and the future, but in the present, we hope you enjoy our detailed discussion of Neal’s time at the club.

We launch into our discussion about Neal’s departure (01:28) before revisiting the unimpressive win against Haringey (20:30). We then bring back our top five lists with Neal’s top five signings (and bottom five!) and matches played under his tutelage (35:20), and then get some player testimonials, including our chat with Jake (01:05:35). A new game~!! (01:23:37) finishes a feature length episode.


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