I CAN’T DO ANYMORE DEFEATS!!! My word. Eleven in 13. Read it and weep. And relations are SO BAD between club, players, and fans right now that many supporters have just lost faith and/or interest. There definitely seems to be a rising attitude that the current incumbents of the Wimbledon shirt engender no support, and therefore none is given. So we could win our next five, and we’re not sure a good number of people would actually care. Can we call the whole season off?

No, sadly, so instead, Stu and Nick list some actions the club can take to improve matters in the very short-term (39:30). One of those – a club statement – came just as we were about to start recording, so we digest that first (01:55), then revisit the Luton game (27:45). Neil Coxless Pairs (56:57) and some club announcements (01:02:10) round off the show.


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