Nick is not a fan of the Checkatrade Trophy. This week, after another game played in an empty stadium and to no benefit of anyone at all, he takes the chance to ask: what are we actually doing? What is the point of this competition? And why does the Football League appear so desperate to keep the thing going?! It’s a bit of a rant amongst some calmer discussion about tactics, tables, and the Dons Trust.

After our Checka-tirade (01:36), we get into tactics and why goals are going in one end, but not the other (12:00). A cursory glance at League One follows (30:56) before some rather odd inappropriateness from 606 (37:16), Neal Coxless Pairs (39:58), and the result of our player/food pun competition (47:14). We finish with a look ahead to Gillingham (55:30).


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