We are back for the new season, and is there a better guest to have on the first show than the man who took us to Wembley, scored at Wembley, and destroyed the franchise team? Lyle Taylor joined us to discuss his Wimbledon career as part of a bumper edition of the podcast that also features a brand new game for Stu to try his hand at, and a nostalgia-filled TV review that leads to us talking Neal Ardley, Liam Trotter, and Ryan Clarke …

We kick-off with our Lyle interview, in which he discusses his move to Charlton (03:13), the ups and downs of last season (09:25), and our promotion season (31:20). We have some quick-fire games for him too (40:10) before he sums up how he changed over his three years at Kingsmeadow (46:00). Our new weekly quiz (47:25) and our retro TV review (54:20) complete a fun and fascinating show.


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  1. James
    28 July, 2018 / 9:02 PM

    Fantastic interview with LTB. Well done!
    He came across really well. He will be missed in many ways. A true legend.

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