Yes, we realise it’s all gone a bit – shall we say – lethargic (?!) of late, and we apologise. It’s simply a time issue. Various combinations of Nick, Stu, Chris, and Kevin have still been appearing alongside Aaron Paul every Sunday on Love Sport Radio, but the podcast incarnation has had to be put on hold due to time constraints for your esteemed editor. Don’t blame me: the WWE Network put an Alexa Bliss collection up and that will always take priority.

However, we are getting our act together now (of course, the season has finished, but better late than never), and here is, less than 24 hours after first broadcast (WIN!) this week’s radio show, on which Nick and Kevin were selected to appear. It’s kinda like that old cartoon MASK, where different people were chosen by some super computer. Great show. Anyway, we spoke about football and stuff. Enjoy~!


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