Yeah so, we have a podcast. Kinda. Well, it’s not THAT bad, it’s just a little shorter than usual. Which might be a good thing. And to be very honest, you probably won’t notice much is wrong. But wow, gremlins in the system made this hard, hard work this week. Harder than watching Wimbledon in 2017 … possibly. But Stu is back, and we have some football to talk about, so all is not lost. It’s just a little – shall we say – messy.

So yeah, there’s not a great deal to point you toward this week. Our review of the Blackpool game kicks things off (03:15), before a quick game of The George Long Road to Wembley – featuring a HUGE SPECIAL GUEST (due to technical difficulties) – is somehow salvaged from the wreckage of this week’s audio (24:50). We end with a look ahead to the trip to Bradford (29:53). And breathe …


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  1. JamPot
    29 January, 2018 / 9:47 AM

    Having now listened after Bradford, perhaps Nicks negative musing might motivate the team to produce yet more Baradford-esque type performances in the near future.

    Keep up the good work Nick!!!

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