We’ve lost Stu. No idea where he is or who he’s with – but not to fear, Kevin Borras is here to join Nick in discussing the trip to MK. It was Kevin’s first trip to that hell-hole, and therefore he is a great person to talk to in regard to attitudes towards the fixture, and the wide range of views held within the fanbase as to going, not going, spending money, or even acknowledging the game is happening.

After some discussion about classic indie band Ash, we have a number of tactical points to make regarding the goalless draw in Buckinghamshire (03:28) before leading in to a wider-range of issues around the fixture (23:40). There’s a lot to discuss, so after that, we’re into The George Long Road To Wembley (45:07) and a look ahead to the Blackpool game, featuring a welcome to Joe Pigott (54:10). Also, there’s a NEW CONTEST (50:05) for y’all to enter~!


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