It was a fun day out despite the result, and with our decent form over Christmas, there does seem to be a growing feel-good factor around the club at present. That could all come crashing down when we venture to Milton Keynes this weekend, but for now, let’s bask in some positivity, and discuss the Tottenham game in-depth, with a look at what happened on, and off, the pitch.

We get right into it with some tactical discussion of the FA Cup game (01:18) and after a quick check at what’s been going on in League One (15:35), we get back to the wider issues coming out of the Tottenham defeat (24:10). The George Long Road To Wembley makes its glorious … *cough* … return (39:40) followed by the MAKE STU SMILE COMPETITION (43:28) featuring jokes of questionable quality. And then we talk about Saturday’s game to finish (54:20).


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