Joy to the world, the S106 has come, so this week on the show, we receive the good news with open arms. We also invite you the listeners to hold your arms open wide for the return of Stu, who is in fine form this week as we also discuss the Tottenham ticket situation, the Bury frozen pitch fiasco, the pick of the week’s action in League One, and, erm, yeah, I guess Alexa Bliss is in there somewhere. It’s a safe bet.

We begin with a chat about the ill-fated Bury fixture (02:00) and the games that did actually happen in League One last week (14:58). We reflect on the history of the S106 (21:23) and the prices and selling arrangements of Tottenham FA Cup tickets (34:12) in the meat of the show, before Abdou Are You? (55:00) and a look ahead to the Wigan game (01:03:48) brings this week’s show to an end.


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