Back in the old routine: no goals, no excitement, no reasons for cheer. So, this week, with fan opinion growing regarding the future of one Mr Neal Ardley, we’ve decided to put him on trial this week and determine whether or not he is being fairly chastised by some of our supporters. Stu was going to prosecute and Nick defend, but we flipped roles back and forth as we deemed fit, and ended up with a template for our justice system that should never be replicated.

We’re straight into the trial this week (01:30) but we meander somewhat and don’t really arrive at a verdict until much later (53:28). In the middle of that comes our look at the Plymouth game (39:30) and a review of the week in League One (50:02), before we play Abdou Are You? (58:56) and then preview the trip to Charlton (1:03:16). We’ve gone over an hour, but as we all know, length isn’t that important.


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