We have scored some goals. Wow, that seemed an alien thing to type … but yes, hallelujah, goals goals goals! And with Lyle Taylor accounting for three quarters of them, and becoming our top scorer this season in the space of 90 minutes, we were inspired to think of other occasions where one player has really put on a show. Neil Sullivan, Sammy Moore, Bayo Akinfenwa, and of course, Carl Leaburn all feature in a show that, for once, is somewhat positive.

After a little bit of Bonnie Tyler, we start with a review of the week just gone (02:45) and review some of the comments made on the WUP guestbook (18:02). Our pick of past Wimbledon virtuoso performances (32:17), is followed by Abdou Are You? – recorded at Kingsmeadow this week (44:55) – and a preview of the Plymouth game (47:40) finishes off.


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  1. 21 October, 2017 / 12:59 AM

    Hi from Oz. Really enjoy the shows and it is part of my Saturday morning ritual to listen in to get me in the mood for that night’s game. Enjoy the banter between the two of you as well. If you get a chance check out the forum on the Wombles Down Under website. COYDs

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