Get your party hats on and cue the stereo for pass the parcel: it’s celebration time on the podcast as we deliver the 100th episode of the show! Yes, quite knows how we’ve kept going for so long, but here we are, and with no better guest to help us celebrate. Kris Stewart was the founding chairman of AFC Wimbledon, and amongst many topics, he’s talking FA commissions, Charles Koppel, Terry Eames, and Kingstonian. It’s a very honest and revealing interview with someone without whom Wimbledon would not be here today.

As always, we start with a review of the week’s action (02:12) which, for the first time this season, features an away win! Kris Stewart (21:05) quite rightly takes up most of our time – and we have a lot left on the cutting room floor, as well – before Abdou Are You? makes its glorious return (56:48) and then we look, briefly, to the weekend’s game (1:02:00). We’ve gone a little long this week: we hope you can forgive us.


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