We have conducted interviews with all eleven candidates for election to The Dons Trust Board, and you can watch them all now on YouTube by simply following the links below.

Matt Breach – (audio only)

Mark Brewer –

Rob Crane –

Nigel Higgs –

Tim Hillyer – (audio only)

Anna Kingsley –

Hannah Kitcher –

Dennis Lowndes –

James Macdonald –

Luke Mackenzie –

Sean McLaughlin –

Four places are available on the board. Manifestos for all 11 candidates can be viewed at


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  1. Aideen
    10 November, 2018 / 12:23 PM

    Question for Sean.. he said at sgm That he felt it would be dangerous if 4 new candidates got elected. Can you ask him to elaborate on why? Half the board would still be in place so where’s the problem?

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