Meh, back to losing ways. It was nice while it lasted. But is our survival bid over, or was the defeat at home to Gillingham just a bump in the road? The League One relegation battle involves many teams with many points to play for, so there does not appear reason to be too downhearted, but we are football fans, you know …

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WE’RE NO LONGER BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE!!!! What the hell is going on?! We’re not complaining AT ALL … it’s just a very strange feeling. And with that comes the nerves of perhaps actually staying in League One next season and enjoying trips to, dare we suggest, Ipswich and Lincoln …

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So, on the back of the first home win in 2019, the simple question is: can we survive in League 1? How does our predictive, history-led analysis predict going forward? Considering how we’ve not managed to hit these results through the season, does it even give us hope, or despair?

Our last look at this analysis followed our home win against Plymouth on Boxing Day; in the league it’s been a long wait for the next one, arriving this weekend against Doncaster. That marks the 10 games to go point in the season which symmetrically counterpoints the ‘see where we are after 10 games into the season.’

Before we look to the near future, we need to see what has happened since the last update. At 24 games played, we had 21 pts (0.875 pts per game); 52% of the games had been played and we had achieved just 32% of our potential (66pts) and only 40% of our survival target (53 pts).

Now we have 33 points from 36 games (0.92 pts per game); 78% of the games have now gone and we have achieved just 50% of our potential haul and 62% of our survival target. So what lies behind these headline figures?

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Wait … what?! Two wins in a week? Two clean sheets … in a WEEK?!?! Okay, what did someone do to AFC Wimbledon? Amazing really. From the depths of despair, we now have true faith that we can survive the drop back into League Two, and all of a sudden things have got very exciting. Well, the podcast hasn’t, it’s still Stu and Nick chatting for an hour. But hey, you guys seem to like us, so that’s all good.

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Remember last week, when we said this bit was getting harder to write? Well, it ain’t getting any easier. A 0-0 draw. Not a lot else. We’re struggling. This season has been ONE. LONG. STRUGGLE. Awful. Had enough. Make it stop. Please. But keep listening to the podcast, obvs. Julia Roberts photo from the film, ‘Something To Talk About’. Because we got nothing.

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