What do you mean we lost – AGAIN? We never lose! It’s only like, 13 in 15 that we’ve been on the wrong-end of the scoreline of now. But hey, I suppose you can’t win every week, and at least we scored a goal. However, to distance ourselves from the current horror show of our season, the podcast has decided to take a break from social media, and watch wrestling. It’s much more fun.

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Well, we guess it was inevitable. After months of struggle, and with him looking increasingly stressed and unhappy, Neal Ardley has left the club. It’s sad times, but we must recognise what a great job he has done for us, on and off the pitch, and that’s what we do this week, with the help of special guest Jake Reeves. There’s a lot to discuss about the past and the future, but in the present, we hope you enjoy our detailed discussion of Neal’s time at the club.

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We have conducted interviews with all eleven candidates for election to The Dons Trust Board, and you can watch them all now on YouTube by simply following the links below.

Matt Breach – https://youtu.be/CxxL8Jlqi2Q (audio only)

Mark Brewer – https://youtu.be/va1vwaQcjME

Rob Crane – https://youtu.be/ERgKpPSnX38

Nigel Higgs – https://youtu.be/3APILOpu7JA

Tim Hillyer – https://youtu.be/G-Pc-YWSsKQ (audio only)

Anna Kingsley – https://youtu.be/VdM67V3qgq0

Hannah Kitcher – https://youtu.be/amd2EKRkWMw

Dennis Lowndes – https://youtu.be/nX1OtG7s2KI

James Macdonald – https://youtu.be/6fpU-GMhsvU

Luke Mackenzie – https://youtu.be/FImiz_Q8iEs

Sean McLaughlin – https://youtu.be/6bNkwT_xVAM

Four places are available on the board. Manifestos for all 11 candidates can be viewed at http://thedonstrust.org/files/Combined-candidate-statements.pdf.


We lost again. Not gonna lie, there’s not a lot to say here, and time is an issue. So, to be brief, this week we discuss: why we lost again, upcoming Dons Trust elections, upcoming Dons Trust election interviews, some suggestions for the Dons Trust Board, and a little bit about the FA Cup. Oh, and all the usual frivolity, of course.

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I CAN’T DO ANYMORE DEFEATS!!! My word. Eleven in 13. Read it and weep. And relations are SO BAD between club, players, and fans right now that many supporters have just lost faith and/or interest. There definitely seems to be a rising attitude that the current incumbents of the Wimbledon shirt engender no support, and therefore none is given. So we could win our next five, and we’re not sure a good number of people would actually care. Can we call the whole season off?

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