Another defeat – a fifth in the last six games – has the natives restless, and it hasn’t taken long for the so-called “Ardley Out Brigade” to find its voice. Is that fair? We examine what we, as a fanbase, want or expect from the side. Should we not adjust expectations according to the quality of our squad, and just be happy with a more entertaining approach to games? Or is everything down to results at the end of the day?

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“The same players making the same mistakes.” That was Neal Ardley’s verdict after our 3-2 home defeat to Scunthorpe, which left the perennially defeated Kingsmeadow faithful dazed and confused; lost and bewildered. Who was Neal talking about, and is it just their fault that we crumbled after conceding first AGAIN, failed to win at home AGAIN, and failed to score a first-half goal AGAIN?

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In 1957, Delmer Daves directed a film called 3:10 to Yuma. It was, for all intents and purposes, a fantastic film with grit, thrilling sequences and it helped push the boundaries of what cinema goers could expect in a western film.

In 2007 the film was remade by James Mangold and, taking cinema goers expectations to one side, it was a perfectly exciting remake. It contained a bit more gore, thrills and spills, and fluidity.

You see, the development of cinematic skills: digital editing, special effects and direction of camerawork made it easily possible to polish the already excellent screenplay into something slightly more. A more enjoyable production of a previous incarnation. As a fan of 3:10 to Yuma I now hope that they don’t create another film that will go backwards. And the same can be said about Wimbledon on Saturday.

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He’s most definitely the man of the moment for AFC Wimbledon, so it only seems fair that we take some time to praise the virtues of Joe Pigott – goalscorer extraordinaire. The boy is scoring goals with ease, and we are very, very thankful, as without him, our season could be looking dire. The winner against Gillingham was cooly taken and earned us a merited three points for the first time since opening day, so it’s time to be happy on the show.

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Nick is not a fan of the Checkatrade Trophy. This week, after another game played in an empty stadium and to no benefit of anyone at all, he takes the chance to ask: what are we actually doing? What is the point of this competition? And why does the Football League appear so desperate to keep the thing going?! It’s a bit of a rant amongst some calmer discussion about tactics, tables, and the Dons Trust.

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